How to beat Zyra
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Zyra's seeds can be crushed by stepping on them. Report
Zyra's plants need to take 3 hits from any source of damage. Minions will deal 1/2 damage. Report
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Step away from Zyra's ultimate - after a short delay, it will knock you up! Report
Zyra is among the highest AoE damage dealers in the game, while providing excellent CC. Don't over-commit to chasing down her team until she blew her ultimate, or you might end up getting turned on. Report
Zyra's seeds and plants provide vision. While a seed only provides a very small amount of vision (about a third as much as a ward), it briefly reveals about 2/3 as much when cast. Fully grown plants grant the same vision a ward would while active. Report
Do not ignore Zyra's plants when trading, as she can direct their focus easily towards you by auto-attacking. They deal a considerable amount of damage, especially early and if Zyra commits to stacking a substantial amount of magic penetration. Report
Chasing Zyra in a straight line will be futile is most cases. Try to cut her off if chasing, or surprise her from the fog of war. Report
Zyra will try to anticipate your movement to root you, since her roots travel fairly slow. Report
Zyra excells at zone controll.Her heavy AoE and plants can chunk your team from afar, and her ult is very dangerous for it's damage, its potential knockup (and consequentially, its zoning). Avoid fights in tight spaces and make sure not to cluster. Report
Notice the form of her plant. Q gives it a rose head which have a high range and can easily poke from far away (maybe 900-1100 unit), while e gives it a knife shaped head but a 400 unit range and slows the target on hit. Report


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