How to beat Zilean
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Be careful of his level 2 all-ins, as he has one of the strongest level 2 bursts in the game. Report
It's often a good idea to surprise a Zilean with disables and kill him before he can cast his ultimate. Report
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You and your allies should decide if they should let a target hit by Zilean's ultimate live until the duration is over, or just kill and let the target revive quickly. Report
Zileans bombs gives you some time before it explodes. If Zilean is the support, try to use the bomb to take out your own minions in order to deny the ADC. But keep the current lane pressure in mind, this might not always be the ideal action. Report
As heavy Zilean player I dislike chars who open with a silencing ability or fear. Try to use those abilities first, then do a fast hard poke and get out of his range before he can plant his bombs or worse plant double bombs on you. Report
If you are playing as adc, you may consider picking one with a dash (Lucian, Graves, etc.) to prevent you from getting his second Q after he slows you. Report
Push out lane, zilean has extreme difficulty to farm undertower before he buys needlessly large rod or gets to level 9, he's extremely easy to deny farm from Report
Zilean only source of damage is his Time Bomb which has a cool down of 10 seconds at all ranks, his Rewind also generally as a long cool down, if both are down, you can safely put damage on him. Report
If you kill him, he won't die. CHRONOSHIFT! Report


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