How to beat Zilean
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Push out lane, zilean has extreme difficulty to farm undertower before he buys needlessly large rod or gets to level 9, he's extremely easy to deny farm from Report
In lane, if Zilean hits you with a q, try to use your q on him or a minion right before it explodes; the shield almost perfectly blocks all the damage from his bomb. Report
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Kill him within the stun. Alternatively, break his ult and use your low-cooldown Q to kill him afterward. Molten Shield is handy for cutting the damage of Time Bomb. Report
Your spell shield when timed right blocks Zilean's time bombs. Report
He's an excellent lane bully and he will beat you in the extended game. Stay back and dance with him. It's a deadly Tango game you're playing with him. Your main stance will be cannon. You need mana sustain more than anything. Focus dmg afterward. Report
Drop Equinox as Zilean approaches and he will not be able to drop bombs, apply his speed boost or ult. Trap whoever he revives in your E snare to kill them again. Report
This is a tough matchup for gp. Max your w and rush spirit visage, use your q to farm under turret. With the added cdr, be sure to help out your team with your ult. Your kill potential on zilean is fairly low, so take TP over ignite. Report
Zilean can't run from Kass, and Null Sphere doesn't care what it's fired at; it will mitigate Time Bomb's damage even if Kass shoots it at a minion. Report
Morgana's Black Shield deny all the damage from Zilean's Bombs Report
Zilean only source of damage is his Time Bomb which has a cool down of 10 seconds at all ranks, his Rewind also generally as a long cool down, if both are down, you can safely put damage on him. Report


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