How to beat Zed with Yasuo Click here for How to beat Yasuo with Zed
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Lifesteal or Damage Quints, scaling or flat seals of Armor is a must, Zed vs Yasuo is an even match, don't waste W to block his Q, isn't worth it, when he uses his shadow you gotta attack him as much as you can because he can't escape, constantly E> Report
Try to deny him farm by windwalling in between you and him. He will probably use his shadow to counter this. When he does this you can harras him with your Q. Report
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Your windwall blocks his Q and stops his shadow from moving forward (when zed throws it). Poke him early game using your dash and your stab (dash in, Q, dash out) and deny his farm. A quicksilver salsh can be useful late game to cancel his ult. Report
Keep in mind that he is vulnerable when his shadow is on cooldown. His Q is what does the most damage when it hits you directly and less damage when it goes through minions. His E doesn't hurt much but he can use it with his shadow to slow you down. Report
When zed uses his ultimate he teleports right behind you and that's a guaranteed tornado for you. Report
Spam ur E around make him miss Report
Walk around and wait for your passive to be ready and then make following Combo: E in> Q Zed> E out | Works well with ur third Q and R Report


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