How to beat Zed with Viktor Click here for How to beat Viktor with Zed
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It's not as hard matchup as people think. Build: E augment and then zhonya, after nothing special. Barrier is highly recommended. Pre6 farm, harass and avoid his w-e-q combo. post 6 save W for time he ulties, harass him and all in if he is <40% hp. Report
Typical Zed players come to trade a few q's at the start of the game. Viktor's q can outrange them, shield for the incoming damage and hit an empowered AA making the trade favorable for him. Report
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Pre 6 every time you see his w on cd just go in for a trade. Post 6 if he ults you land your w on top of you he will have to go back to his shadow or risk to get stunned, either way denying him lots of dmg. Have your barrier ready in case you are low. Report


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