How to beat Zed with Vel'Koz Click here for How to beat Vel'Koz with Zed
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Don't push the wave. Punish last hits but don't hit the wave. You can kill him pre-6 if you use exhaust well. Rush zhonya after you get your lost chapter. You should always have either exhaust or zhonya up when he all in. Never use both in 1 trade Report
Pick exhaust. Start Q and poke him. Use exhaust if he uses shadow to all in you and burst him down while he has no escape but flash. Punish last hits with W E but stay away from him while you are in CDs. Bone Plating and Chrysalis can help you to survive. Report
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Don't let him roam by shoving him under tower. If you can make him back and get a good roam you have won your lane. Consider getting some early merc treads. Report
Poke him down while shoving him under his tower as fast as you can. If you can poke him while doing this. Once the wave resets ult onto him. Report
Try to poke him with your Q and dodge his Q. Report
When Zed use his ulti on you hit him with your E when he is at you. Report


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