How to beat Zed with Lissandra Click here for How to beat Lissandra with Zed
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When Zed ults on to you, wait a half second and ult yourself so you hit him with the AoE and avoid all of the damage from his ult including the damage tick at the end of it. Don't use it on him since the 1.5second stun is not long enough. Report
You can bait Zed extremely hard with this cool trick. If you are lowish on health, enough for him to immediately jump on you, fire your E back into your tower and move towards him to bait it then reactivate the E as he ults, bringing him into the tower. Report
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Save your W incase he ever tries to jump on you, it isn't worth using it for wave clear against him since he will use it as an opportunity to attack you if you put it on cooldown. Report
Early game is crucial. Harass Zed on early levels with atuoattacks and Q (actually, aa is your most potent weapon at this stage), as he won't be able to retaliate with anything other than his weak Q (which you should try to dodge, obviously). Report


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