How to beat Zed with Kayle Click here for How to beat Kayle with Zed
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Kayle is strong against Zed because she counters him at all stages ; laning, mid game and late game. Her ultimate completely negates Zed's Ultiamte but you must time it to block the damage. Her ultimate is after 3sec, you should wait 1.5 before ulting. Report
Harass him in lane, bully him out. Push his wave into his turret so he can't farm properly. Ult everybody who get's ulted by Zed, he will never get into the Game Report
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Kayle counters zed in any aspect of the game, since his r is completely useless against her ultimate, her ranged poke outranges zed's q and her w will make it very hard for zed to approach kayle with his shadow, as well as giving her additional sustain. Report


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