How to beat Zed with Katarina Click here for How to beat Katarina with Zed
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Start cloth armor + 5 pots. Try to dodge his Qs. When he Qs you just E on him and Q + W him and back away. Rush a Zhonyas and bait his ult by using Zhonyas and then combo him. If he uses his shadow (w) to poke you then just jump on him and ult combo him. Report
Don't ult until his ult is on CD because if you're playing against a good Zed, he'll counter ult to take a lot of your burst away. Report
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Try to poke as much possible, that's what i found useful Report
Zyhonas: Start cloth 5 and feel free to harass him as much as possible because he cannot kill you with ult with zyhonas active. Never use your ult before he uses his, always use yours after. This is a very skill based lane match-up. Report


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