How to beat Zed with Jayce Click here for How to beat Jayce with Zed
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Defensively you need to mainly stay behind creeps so his Shuriken does less damage, best to just completely avoid it.Remember shuriken has about 7 sec cd lvl 1 get AAs when he last hits especially when his Qs down. Make creeps hit him, your 1/2 ranged.Gl Report
Keep AA'ing him when he tries to cs with your Mercury Cannon.Land at least 1-2 Q's while your lvl 1.Level 2 and 3 are kill levels,Merc Cannon:E Q W AA 3 times(if u can) then ,R Q W and E him toward minions or a wall. If he used w's this is best time to Report
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jayce is so strong in early game so if you got lvl 3 try to gank when he use all of his abilitys so you can kill him so fast and he can't use leaving shadow to escape Report
don't let him reduce so much of your hp he will try to do that Report
when he use ult try to make mercury hammer then puch him away and run not so far of him but try to dodge his shrikens if you did that his ult will totaly fail Report


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