How to beat Zed with Brand Click here for How to beat Brand with Zed
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Zed will most likely try to ult you when you used your Q . Be aware of that. And even try to bait his ult by trowing a Q when you have zhonya's hourglass and when your jungler is near Report
Zed will probably farm with his Q and E , when he is far away try to put your pillar on the caster minions and use your E to give the Blaze passive on zed . Try to keep it on him all the time. This will keep him somewhat at bay. Report
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Save your Q and E!!!!!! Try to farm as much as possible with only the Pillar and only use Conflagration when you know that it will jump from a minion onto him. Otherwise save them to stun Zed. Report
Upgrade your Q first, try to use it on him when he used his shadow. It will do enough damage at early levels so that he will have to use his pots to stay alive. Report


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