How to beat Zed with Azir Click here for How to beat Azir with Zed
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On early-game, especially when Zed reaches level 6, stay with your turret and dodge Zed's abilities. Harrass him with your soldiers. Ask for a couple of ganks. If you get to the mid-game with 2-3 more kills than Zed, you should be able to dominate. Report
I found the early game quite even. Zed will try to harass you with a w+q combo. Anticipate and dodge and you'll be fine. Inexperienced Zed's will be scared easily of your soldiers. When he ults you, ult him away to set him off. Report
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The 1st step is level up to level 2 the faster you can then you approach close enough to stab him with Q and leave right way. If he goes close enough to the soldier hit him and go way. This way you gonna give a lot of damage to sustain the lane. Report
Zed is very vulnerable to poke once he uses his shadow to poke. If he misses his skills go in for some counter poke. He has high early cooldowns and energy use, so trading is a breeze. Especially levels 1-5. ;) Report
Try to use your range with your soldiers to poke zed and try dodge his skillshots Report


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