How to beat Zed with Anivia Click here for How to beat Anivia with Zed
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Post-6 don't use your stun offensively, save it for him ulting on you and time it so that the moment he reappears he eats a stun in his face. Report
Zed being an assassin will want to try kill you, you can deny him that chance by farming the wave from afar with your ultimate. Report
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Zhonya is a must for this battle. When he would ult you, cast your ult below you, stun and make your combo, and cast zonhya. He will have to retreat with a lot of damage taken while you will be almost unharmed. Report
If he hits you with his shuriken toss, and starts to back off, you have a small window where you can hit him back with one or two extra AA's to even the trade. Report


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