How to beat Zed
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Keep in mind that he is vulnerable when his shadow is on cooldown. His Q is what does the most damage when it hits you directly and less damage when it goes through minions. His E doesn't hurt much but he can use it with his shadow to slow you down. Report
Don't ult until his ult is on CD because if you're playing against a good Zed, he'll counter ult to take a lot of your burst away. Report
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Avoid staying under half health around Zed especially early. His passive will do a lot of damage early. Report
-Wait until Zed uses his W then use your E. That way you'll be able to safely stun him. -Play aggresively until 6. Because he can easily kill you as you are squishy with his R (Death Mark). -Use your ultimate after Zed uses his R (Death Mark). Report
As an AP champion, rush a seeker's armguard to significantly lower his damage and make his poke weak. Report
When Zed uses Death Mark try and stun him to lower his ults damage Report
Dodge Zed's W-Q poke. Rush a Seeker's Armguard into a Zhonyas. When Zed ults move forward a bit, and as soon as he appears ult behind you for an almost guaranteed stun. Don't let him roam and snowball! He'll attempt to do this if he can't win his lan Report
On early-game, especially when Zed reaches level 6, stay with your turret and dodge Zed's abilities. Harrass him with your soldiers. Ask for a couple of ganks. If you get to the mid-game with 2-3 more kills than Zed, you should be able to dominate. Report
Basically your combo counters his combo. Do not get hit by his shurikens and stay behind your minions. Poke him with your Q, but don't get oom. If he goes all-in then you polymorph him, if he ults you and hits then depending on dmg you E yourself or ult. Report
Try to poke as much possible, that's what i found useful Report
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