How to beat Zed
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wait till zed used his ult to engage on you then use your stun (E) to block most of his dmg Report
When Zed ults you, simply use your E before he reappears and then use Trickster if you are near a tower as this will make him reappear inside tower range and should force him to back off. Report
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As wukong you can jump on zed when ever you want you cant loose the trade just save your w at lvl 6 so when he will ult you you will negate all his dmgs , also remember to not use your R on him when he got his W up or he will run away from your ultimate Report
Harass him in lane by using your Q+W combo whenever your mana allows but make sure you are either in position to get out or that you have your E available because Zed can out trade you early and force you out of lane. Report
You basically can't lose this one. Get boots early to dodge his Q/E, then go all out. Don't use your ulti before Zed has used his W, and when he does, you E onto him and then ulti. Report
Zed has you early game, go flask and health pots, biscuits also work. Aim for heavy sustain early game while you try and farm and dodge his Q's. Rush a Zhonya's, use it to stop his ult. Your split push later game can beat his Report
Save your ult for when his W is down so he won't be able to dodge it very easily without using his flash. Report
When zed ults try to hit him with your grenade as soon as zed comes out of his ult animation. Report
After lvl 6 don't use ur E to fight him unless he ults u, in that case u dodge his ult with E. U can use ur E just to dodge that, in that case, u should max W first to win the matchup, or go for early zhonias and max E. Report
start with cloth+5 pots, rush a seekers and tear of the goddess, then buy zhonyas and seraphs. THIS WILL KEEP YOU ALIVE FOREVER. Keep poking him before and after 6, stay cautious and wait for lategame. Report
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