How to beat Zed
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Rushing a Zhonya's after your mana regen item will ensure Zed isn't able to insta-gib you with his ultimate. The extra armour helps as well. Report
Dont let him harass you with his shuriken or stay behind u minion wave so his Q will not hurt alot everytime he come to last hit use W + AA + Q when you hit level 4 you need to E + AA + Q + W you will win the trade at lvl 6 you can easily kill him Report
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You can try to w towards him to bait ult. as soon as he ults you and re-appears reactive w to make him out of range Report
In lane dont jump on him when his W is not on cooldown ,but When you see zed use his ultimate on you use your E so u can dodge all his AA dmg , if necessary use your R to reduce all his damages Report
OMG You counter Zed so easily. Start with cloth armor and 5 pots. Play safe and wait for your jungler to come. Rush your Zhonyas and bait Zed. When he Death Marks you, use your Zhonyas and go in. At late game, ur an op monster. "So many noobs" Report
Try to deny him farm by windwalling in between you and him. He will probably use his shadow to counter this. When he does this you can harras him with your Q. Report
Start cloth armor + 5 pots. Try to dodge his Qs. When he Qs you just E on him and Q + W him and back away. Rush a Zhonyas and bait his ult by using Zhonyas and then combo him. If he uses his shadow (w) to poke you then just jump on him and ult combo him. Report
Zed's mobility is dependant on his Shadows. Use advantage of his living shadow's cooldown, before engaging. Report
If your champion has a dash or an ability that renders your champion invulnerable/untargetable, use it right after Zed appears after his ult to dodge a lot of damage from his combo. Report
Stay away from close 1x1 in lane phase. Zed will try to poke with auto-atacks to force you use the pool then he'll ult. Report
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