How to beat Zed
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Wait for him to ult you, and then Charm as he reappears. This pretty much wins you the trades from there on as you can follow it up with Q/W while moving to create distance and every time he tries to catch you you can simply ult away. Report
Post-6 don't use your stun offensively, save it for him ulting on you and time it so that the moment he reappears he eats a stun in his face. Report
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Zed being an assassin will want to try kill you, you can deny him that chance by farming the wave from afar with your ultimate. Report
Whenever Zed ults you you should place your W on yourself so that he is instantly rooted as he reappears allowing you to destroy him or force his retreat. Report
Without his ult Zed won't be able to even threaten you so you should abuse this when you know his ult is down, zone him hard! Report
If you see him ulting on you instantly drop a W below yourself then ult him as he appears. Will force him to disengage from you or die since you still have Call of the Void and Malefic Visions (and probably Ignite) left. Report
Pre-6 you don't really have an advantage in this lane so you should play it carefully as Zed can do just as much damage to you as you can him but you will be softer! Report
Lifesteal or Damage Quints, scaling or flat seals of Armor is a must, Zed vs Yasuo is an even match, don't waste W to block his Q, isn't worth it, when he uses his shadow you gotta attack him as much as you can because he can't escape, constantly E> Report
Remember That Your ultimate cd is lower than zed ultimate so use that advantage Report
Poke him on lvl 1 with your q or w. I prefer q because of the lower cooldown. When u reach lvl 2 u can harass him easy with your q w combo. Report
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