How to beat Zed with Ahri Click here for How to beat Ahri with Zed
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If your ultimate is on cooldown and his isn't you must play very carefully since your ultimate is what gives you the edge in this match up, without it you are an immobile soft mage, his wet dream. Report
Always keep your Charm available if you know his ultimate is up, it is vital you have it for that at all times. Report
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Wait for him to ult you, and then Charm as he reappears. This pretty much wins you the trades from there on as you can follow it up with Q/W while moving to create distance and every time he tries to catch you you can simply ult away. Report
Do NOT cast your E before he reappears from his ultimate : this is the worst mistake you can make. Zed reappears BEHIND his target and when you will cast charm, Ahri will FACE to the direction you are casting it, and so you will miss Zed. Report


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