How to beat Yasuo with Zoe Click here for How to beat Zoe with Yasuo
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Yasuo must push the wave in order to charge up stacks of Steel Tempest and dodge your skillshots with Sweeping Blade. Keep your distance and poke at him to keep his shield low, and your jungler with have easy ganks. Report
You can (try) to hit a Paddle Star around Yasuo's Wind Wall by firing it at a 90 degree angle into the jungle instead of behind you. He'll have to angle the wall towards the star instead of you, opening him up for a Sleepy Trouble Bubble. Report
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Sleepy Trouble Bubble will almost always have a shorter cooldown than Wind Wall. If he uses it to block, you'll have a new bubble before he has a new Wind Wall. Report
Yasuo's Wind Wall can't block the empowered autos given to you by your passive "More Sparkes!". Use it for poke when he tries to block your skillshots. Report


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