How to beat Yasuo with Talon Click here for How to beat Talon with Yasuo
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Noxian Diplomacy wins most trades. Yasuo is strongest when he has Shiv and Talon doesn't have Hydra or a complete Brutalizer item. Do not Rake at close range unless Yasuo is silenced since he has several ways to keep it from connecting. Report
Most Yasuos get wind wall at lvl3. At this time either bait it out or do a quick E-Q combo(Dont take minnion aggro). If he walks through the wall, just follow out and W. If hes low enough E-Q-W-R and ignite if necessary. Report
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Since Talons Silence was removed be careful. You can win this lane, however be very afraid of Yas Ult, if he lands it he has a good chance of winning at 6. can kill him pre 6, be smart. Dodge his skill shots, beware rake vs his windwall. Go Flask 3 pot. Report


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