How to beat Yasuo with Riven Click here for How to beat Riven with Yasuo
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Yasuo can't stab Riven without risking a full combo and death. His projectile is easily dodged. Sweeping Blade's internal cooldown is long enough that he cannot outplay Broken Wings. He can use Wind Wall to block Wind Slash and still die. Report
This lane match up should be very easy, unless Riven really screws up early, which honestly isn't that hard. Use your E to dodge the tornado and wait for his Q to go on cooldown before going in, to limit his damage output in a skirmish. Report
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Try not to use your abilities to last hit, use only your aa. Save your abilities to deny Yasuo his farm, they are too much for him to handle. Report
Avoid getting poked by his Q at level 1, try to be aggressive only when you've added your W at level 2/3. Report


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