How to beat Yasuo with LeBlanc Click here for How to beat LeBlanc with Yasuo
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Use your autoattack to disable his passiv shield, then combo q+w and out. be careful of his wall and dont go in when his q can knock you up. sorrry for my bad english xD Report
Distortion is key. It can allow you to bypass wall to Q+E (level E) and it is extremely easy to outmaneuver Yasuo's tornado. Report
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Don't think you've won the lane from the start. Be prepared for him to dash to you, q, and back off. Take as little damage as possible and do fast trades with him. Report
If you want to use the W + R combo, try to predict that he'll use his E onto you so use your W were he is and your R behind you. Report
All you have to do is cast Q on him and then act agressive, he'll waste his wall at this moment because he'll think you're going to full combo him. Once you've burnt his wall it's already won. Report


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