How to beat Yasuo with Fizz Click here for How to beat Fizz with Yasuo
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Yasuo can block fizz's shark with his Wind Wall and his high mobility allows him to dodge fizzes PlayFull/Trickster Report
Q in, W for damage, point blank ult yas so he doesn't have enough time to windwall, E over whirlwind. Report
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This can be a hard match-up for either player, but I find it favors fizz; play defensive 1 or 2. don't be afraid to pop his passive if he gets too close, but dash out of range of his q. At 6, use your ult point-blank rather than as initiation. Report
You better to play defensively before 6, because nice yasuo will just kite you with q. Always save e or q to dodge his tornado. On 6 play agressive ant try to bite yasuo's Wind Wall. If you did this then do your ult combo, yasuo will probably die. Roam. Report
At level 1, activate W and AA while dodging Yasuo's Q. After popping his shield, another AA is possible and would help. Level 2+3 you just use your skills to dodge him. Ex.) Q him when before he Q's you and run around him. He'll miss Q nearly guarantee Report


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