How to beat Yasuo with Fiora Click here for How to beat Fiora with Yasuo
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Don't waste your Q's let him engage on you and when he trys to get away use your Q but don't use both at once. Max W to have a better trade agaisnt him. Try to Ult only after he ults to waste his armor pen he gets from his ult as he can't attack you. Report
As Yasuo's Q is considered as an auto attack, try to Riposte (w). Report
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If you time your Q correctly u can easily Q over yasuo's Turnado to avoid getting knocked up. Report
Rework Fiora: doran + cookies for sustain, you have mana not him so farm under tower ask gank (but you didn't need) at level 5 /6 go on him ,when you see tornado animation W and kill him (free stun). after that rush hydra and boots for free win Report
When you reach Level 3, try to poke him with Q , W , E while Yasuo goes on Minions Kill Report
This matchup is alittle akward as both of you will be constantly dashing around in lane.Try not to let Yasuo bait out your W. If he dashes onto you with his tornado proc up (he may save it to bait your W) Q to the side then W if he saved his tornado. Report


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