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If you are fighting him Mid and the enemy team has no bust potential you will out scale him mid game. Go RoA first then Rylai's into hextech revolver, your kiting ability will be unmatched and you'll be a power house of sustain mid/late game. Report
Watch out lvl1, if he starts with his dash he can easily close on you and put massive damage on you with little retaliation. Report
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He should out push you early and force you to use abilities to CS. I'd recommend starting sapphire crystal to allow you to keep up with his early push and have enough mana to trade with him if he tries to go in on you. This also gets you RoA quicker. Report
Once lvl2 you can do massive damage to him. If you beat him to lvl2, all in him and you should win. Once lvl3 save your W to kite him if he tries to dash to you or use it on the minion wave to zone his CS, which also forces him to proc his shield. Report
You are much stronger as the game goes on but be careful about level 2. If he hits it first he will be difficult to poison so you can duel. Report
Barrier is a good choice against him, you can easily bait his ult and pop it right as the knockup happens. Once he's blown his damage on you, throw your W onto the closest minion because that is were he will dash to, Q him and follow up with E's. Report
Mid game Rylai's is a great buy, he wont be able to catch you to do damage and if he gets on ult on you, your RoA should sustain it or a barrier to negate it. Report


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