How to beat Yasuo with Azir Click here for How to beat Azir with Yasuo
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Azir is ranged, and can harass Yasuo freely. Use your W around Yasuo, and he'll have to either fall back, or engage. If he engages, you can use another W charge and easily jump out with E, or Q + E. He can't dash to your soldiers, they are untargetable Report
Always keep your distance from your own minions, Azir can poke Yasuo with relative safety but Yasuo has the mobility to really turn things around if he gets a chance since he is so mobile he can avoid your soldiers with ease if he has a minion nearby. Report
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Yasuo outrades you, you can poke him but don't use your Q, it is your escape if he wants to trade. Simply farm and if he tries to kill you at 6 simply ult him into your tower. Report


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