How to beat Yasuo with Annie Click here for How to beat Annie with Yasuo
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Use AA instead of Q because he possibly use windwall to avoid his damage if annie have fourth stacks,E to shield and harass him with AA,combo R,W,ignite,AA and Q for the last hit,but you need to use Zonya's hourglass to avoid dealt damage Report
Neat trick: If you know you can't dodge his airborne and you have your stun up, stun him while the tornado is mid-air. He won't be able to cast ult and he's weak after he's used his 3rd Q. Report
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If i see Yasuo, i always pick Annie - he makes it way too easy. Zone hard, get close to minions and use your q to last hit, when he gets close at all - auto attack.. micro manage doing that until you can make good trades (AA, Q, W, Return). Always dodge. Report
Annie's vastly superior range will easily reduce Yasuo's passive. Additionally Yasuo cannot block Tibbers, W and Annie's passive is not consumed if Q doesn't land (walled) making Yasuo ineffective at dodging her punishing CC. Report
You need to bully him out of lane at level 1. Use AA to destroy his shield, and harass with AA and Qs. Bait out his wall before going in. Remember W and R does not get blocked. If he tries to trade, use your E, which should be gotten at level 3 / 4. Report


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