How to beat Yasuo with Anivia Click here for How to beat Anivia with Yasuo
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Pre level 6, this engagement's fairly even. The only real danger against you is the tornados. Dodge those, and use basic attacks or your ulti to bait out his windwall, and just about any Yasuo will come in like a lion, and go out with a whimper. Report
Never fire a projectile unless he's thrown out his windwall first or he's dashing straight into position right next to you. Then throw out the Q, or if that was blocked use E+R for a quick burst. Yas is very squishy and will easily die from frosted E's Report
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If you happen to stun him and he hasn't used his wind wall yet, bait it with a basic attack instead of your E, so you won't waste more mana Report


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