How to beat Yasuo with Ahri Click here for How to beat Ahri with Yasuo
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Yasuo's wind wall has a long cooldown. Bait him with your low cooldown on Orb of Deception and go all in once it's gone. Report
Keep distance from him at early, pop his shield by aa , keep your charm , and when his W is on cd you should do some Qs on him and attack agressively. Always take care of enemy jungler! Report
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3 things are important if you are facing him. Mana, Armor and CDR. In early, try building harass ap and mana. (Lich bane) BAit out first his passive before doing your combo, But still also be alert on his 2nd as he will neglect all of your combos. Report
It will take time for you to kill him much in the lane. cooperate with your team by means of reporting other lanes or means of call of gank. If he has a team with airborne abilities (malp, alistar) respect the combo of what they will do to you. Report
Think of two yasuo if He has the airborne and last breath. As he will do anything to hit with all he got by means of doing his combo perfectly. As usual Yasuo will wait out on your charm for him to windwall to stop your combo. keep in touch of your Ult. Report


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