How to beat Xerath
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Champions that have great gap closing abilities are strong against the long range Xerath. Report
Buying a Banshee's Veil does extremely well against a Xerath. Report
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Respect his power, out side of full blown duels with your ultimate Xerath actually has the advantage in lane with superior poke, range and mana sustain. Report
Stagger your ultimate charges in duels to make the most out of their dodge potential against Xerath as he has a 4 skillshot kit. His stunning orb is by far the most important to dodge. Report
Charming Xerath when he ults will interupt it and put it on cooldown(only half cooldown if he didn't fire any bolts) Report
Shocking Orb's stun duration increases with distance traveled. Since the ability is his only form of hard CC, trading in close proximity to him keeps him from using it to its full potential. Report
If you see a support xerath, SHUT HIM DOWN EARLY (lvl 1-3 perf). Once he has a point in all QWE abilities and start getting AP, he will bust you down. Attack when he misses his E Report
Don't try (Q+E+W) Harassing combo, as he will shot you a stun when you're getting back in safe position.Wait for him to waste his stun and dodge with E on him, do a simple (Q+W+R) combo and try killing him. Report
Try to dodge his stun with your w, because, if he times his stun right, he e you instantly when you arrive with ur ult. Report
When Xerath charges his Q he is an easy target for you to jump near him to chain him with your E. Xerath's Q slows him down as he channels and stops him if he fires it. Report


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