How to beat Xerath with Ahri Click here for How to beat Ahri with Xerath
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Respect his power, out side of full blown duels with your ultimate Xerath actually has the advantage in lane with superior poke, range and mana sustain. Report
Stagger your ultimate charges in duels to make the most out of their dodge potential against Xerath as he has a 4 skillshot kit. His stunning orb is by far the most important to dodge. Report
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Charming Xerath when he ults will interupt it and put it on cooldown(only half cooldown if he didn't fire any bolts) Report
be able to position your self where u can dodge his spell. dont save ult to dodge his ult, use it in duel b.c he will ult you when he is in safe zone, not when he is fighting, and also, upgrade boots if u can, to dodge his skills Report
With the new changes on Ahri's orb, Ahri's mobility have increase. With a burst of speed from her Orb of Deception, use this advantage to dodge Xerath's skills. (note that all Xerath's skills are skill shot). Report


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