How to beat Wukong
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Immediately condemn wukong when he breaks stealth and uses his gap closer. It is almost guaranteed that it will be followed with an ultimate. He has no re-engage aside from flash, so it is worth the 15-20 second cooldown. Report
Its hard matchup. Stack armor, harass with q, use vision trincket. On early lvls you can harass him with Q-AA-W-E-AA, but after 6 you can do nothing versus him. Report
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Tentacles that strike his Decoy will still heal you. He's good at picking off your tentacles with AQ, so be ready to yank his soul out when he tries. Report
deal heavy harass with q Report
Quick reactions are necessary to beat Wukong with Jayce. By quickly switching to hammer and smart casting E, Jayce can knock wukong back during his dash. In this case Jayce will win the trade easily. Consider Tabi's as Wukong can get easy kills post 6. Report
These two champs happen to be my 2 top lane mains, and Wukong will win this matchup. Gangplank is weak to knockups (can't cleanse them) and hard engage. As gangplank your best chance is before 6. Try to get fed from ganks to outtrade him after 6. Report
Silence him before he use his w in a team fight ! Report


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