How to beat Volibear
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Be mindful of fighting Volibear since he counters Riven. Ask your jungler to gank your lane consistently in order to take down Volibear. If Voli manages to Q to you, use your W to stun him and E away. Armor penetration will be necessary late game. Report
If Voli attempts to Q to you, try to back away from Voli. I recommend you farm under tower and ask for your jungler to possibly camp your lane. Report
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Volibear is one of the best counters for Yasuo. Remember that Yasuo's windwall is useless against Volibear, so max out Q, E, then W. Try your best to poke Voli with your Q to lower his health. Rush ninja tabi and get armor pen. late game. Report
Just Harras Voli And Get Ignite For His Passive Don't Use Riven When You Know You Lane Voli Report
Pretty cut and dry fight. Whenever Volibear charges towards you, either use your Q to silence him or to get away. When Voli gets close to low health, Ult him before his passive kicks in. Report
One of the worst possible match-ups for Volibear. Keep your distance at all times and poke him with Blinds whenever he tries to go for a last hit or close in on you. Once you're 6, lay mushrooms in the bushes so he can't ambush. Report
Pantheon's best bet is to keep harassing and poking the bear during early lane phase. Try to especially waste his passive so he'll be easier to kill later. But beware of Voli once he's 6, because his Thunder Claws will rip you to shreds. Report
Consider an AP Build, focusing on using Xin Zhao's E burst damage, and trying to out-sustain Volibear with AP Xin Zhao's insane healing. Report
Volibear is looking to force a trade. Play very defensively, and look to gank with your jungler or mid laner when the oppurtunity arises. Report
Volibear's damage is much higher than Xin Zhao's at all points of the game. He is also much tankier, and has much better sustain. Avoid trading. Report


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