How to beat Vladimir with Riven Click here for How to beat Riven with Vladimir
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Vlad is extremely weak against bruisers who can gap close quickly to him. Not only does Riven gap close quickly, but Riven can shield most of Vlad's initialy Q + E spell rotation. Report
You out damage Vlad extremely hard early game. Bait his pool out with your E and when it's done W him and Q combo him. Repeat after CD. Also your E negates ult dmg. Vlad has no escape, and with Rivens amazing gap closing it's an easy matchup. Report
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Try to dominate Vlad early, if he doesn't push and freezes the lane just outside his turret range denying you direct combat, roam to gain advantage on him. Rivens' early roams are very strong and thanks to q and w you can get to other lanes very fast. Report


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