How to beat Vladimir with Irelia Click here for How to beat Irelia with Vladimir
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Vladimir is weak in the early game and you have an advantage over him. You have your Q to dash to him and stun/slow him with your E, and that alone will deal tons of damage. Try to save your E for your stun, not slow, unless your jungler comes to gank. Report
Remember to activate your (W) and (Q) onto a caster minion, if you have sheen this will instantly kill the minion granting you no CD on (Q) , that way you can walk up to vladimir and have a chance to land a (E) onto him by surprise. Report
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I don't believe that Irelia counters vlad but it can work, first of all try to farm all you can with your Q without getting too much poke. At level 4 to 13 you can kill him by q'ing a minion, stun, W, ult, Q (ignite if you're running it). DON'T TOWERD Report


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