How to beat Vladimir
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Vladimir's ultimate can be cured by buying a Quicksilver Sash. Report
Saving an Ignite against a Vladimir will significantly hinder his ability to sustain himself in a fight. Report
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Do not clump against a Vladimir, so that he won't be able to hit multiple people with his ultimate. Report
Vladimir's early game is very weak. Try to pick a champion who can put a lot of pressure on him. Deny Vladimir's farm at all costs. If possible, try to delay his purchase of a Hextech Revolver. Do all this because Vladimir's late game is amazing. Report
Sanguine Pool has a long cooldown and is Vladimir's only escape ability. It is after the ability is used that he is most vulnerable. Report
If he uses his Q to last hit a minion or heal then that's a good time to go in on him. Early game it's a very long cooldown so he'll have very few ways to fight back. Report
Short trades against Vladimir are not very effective as he can heal much of his health back from an enemy champion during and after the engagement. All-in or extended trades are much more cost-effect. Report
Before you go in to fight vladimir make shure he doesn't have his "E" passive stacks up to 4 this gives him extremely strong trading potential Report
Vladimir has relatively short range, abusing that with poke can be very effective. Report
high dmg dps champs such as yi with devourer or other junglers can easily fight vlad since he doesent have time to sustain so trying to outpick a vlad in champ select is definetely worth it and will make him practicly useless Report


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