How to beat Viktor with Zed Click here for How to beat Zed with Viktor
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Be wary of cc junglers, if you get cced in a gank and viktor puts down his gravity field, you are almost guaranteed to die. Only go aggressive with your w if you think you aren't going to get ganked because most junglers can still cc you after your flash Report
If you are going to melee a minion to last hit and viktor punishes you, try to dodge his Lazor and then W+E+Q+W+AA combo at lvl 3 and you will usually win the trade. Report
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Make sure to get in viktor's face as often as possible because he can't retaliate very easily without suffering major damage. Report
Try to widdle down viktor's hp post lvl 3 so that you can all in him lvl 6. It's harder to go in and out now because of the cool down on your ulti's shadow, so try to go in when viktor is very vulnerable or his gravity field is on cooldown. Report


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