How to beat Viktor
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Be careful about chasing a Viktor, because his Gravity field makes it difficult to chase him. Report
Pay attention to which augment he chooses to go with, to know which ability he is prioritizing. Report
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Don't turret dive a Viktor too deep if his gravity field is off cooldown. He will be able to stun you under turret and deal significant damage to you. Report
Viktors Lazor does a lot of damage especially if he upgrades it to Augment: Death, it has a very large range but it can be easily avoided because it travels in a straight line.. Report
If Viktor upgraded E first, the ability will exlode the path of the ray after it reached its end, so make sure you leave E's path even if it hit you. Report
Ok So after the viktor rework (this is coming from a viktor main) You need to shut him down early before he gets his perfect augment, when he stays generally close to the front of min wave then hes going to e(laser) shut him down early and get away from q Report
Be careful when jumping right on him, if he sees it coming then he can perfectly aim his W for a guaranteed stun. Report
Walk around a lot, change your course frequently to misguide his Laser while out of his initial cast range Report
Misguide his laser with frequently changing your course while out of initial cast range, every missed laser is window for poking or fighting Viktor Report
Give him damage while he is falling back from poking you with Laser, then he is likely to follow up with his Q, but you can fight him cause his laser have fairly long cooldown, just dont be greedy Report


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