How to beat Vi with Jax Click here for How to beat Jax with Vi
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If you run into a vi top the lane should be pretty easy. Early levels her Q isn't that different of a cooldown from your E. There shouldn't be much she can do as long as you don't let her get on top of you without your E up. Report
Vi has long cooldown in early game , but if she takes the w first, you can easily counter her with the e. Try to harass her a lot but keep halp of your mana to burst and kill her at the level 6. If she wants to escape, stay in front her to avoid it. Report
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Try to dodge vi's vault breaker, or stun her while she charges it up as this is her main source of damage, especially in teamfights. Report
Early game, vi's cooldowns are rather long. If you think you can duel her pre-6, wait 'till she uses her shield. Vi can be very vulnerable without her shield early game as it doesn't let her for "turnarounds" or survivability in an extended fight. Report


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