How to beat Vi
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Vi's Vault Break can be interrupted while charging, so try to save a disable (silence/snare/stun/knock-up/displacement) for it. Report
Try not to duel against a Vi for an extended amount of time, because her Denting blows will grant her additional attack speed and shred your armor. Report
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Vi can't be CC'd while casting her ultimate. Save your disables until after she lands. Report
When laning against Vi, don't stand behind your minions, her ranged damage with her E isn't to be underestimated. She does not need to get someone very low to kill them with a full combo. Don't trade with her when she has her shield up or ready. Report
Since patch 4.13, Lee sin's attack speed slow was removed so it's harder to duel her now... But if you abuse encounter vi in the jungle, abuse your mobility to either out damage her early game, or survive mid-game. Report
when she lands from her ult dont dash to her simply ult her away the dash this will provide your team time to gather back up. when in the jungle u cant win a 1 v 1 with her early just farm and counter gank Report
Elise is arguably Vi's BIGGEST counter. When Vi begins to charge her Q Elise can simply cocoon her. She out ranges vi in human form. And if Vi chooses to ult you, you can simply repel it. Report
Zhonya's Hourglass is a good way to counter Vi. It provides Armor (although she can shred it with Denting Blows) and an active which can deny Vi's Assault and Battery. Report
just pick Olaf, he's a Vi-king Report
Vi "E" is an autoatack, so pantheon can block it with his passive,at early levels counter jungle vi and wait her to clean the second buff so she wont have to much health,jump on her with your "w" wich activates your passive and steal her buffs Report


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