How to beat Vel'Koz with Zed Click here for How to beat Zed with Vel'Koz
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Levels 1-5 Vel'Koz is extremely soft and very vulnerable to shadow harass, you should abuse this as much as possible rather than trying to last hit with the shadows and don't be afraid to port to them to slash him a bit personally. Report
Against a good Vel'Koz, If you ult them they will time their knock up to hit you the moment you reappear. If you are facing such a player be prepared either by having Flash ready the moment you appear or using a shadow trick. Report
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If he ever puts his knock back on cooldown use your shadows to close the distance and abuse the fact he will have minimal ability to fight back due to his skills reliance on the knock back. Report
Living Shadow has the ability to dodge Vel'Koz's abilities. Death Mark also puts Zed BEHIND you, making it easy for Zed to dodge your Lifeform Desintegration Ray. Report


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