How to beat Vel'Koz with Katarina Click here for How to beat Katarina with Vel'Koz
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When you engage on him, don't ult immediately, wait a second or 2 to see if he ults(during that time use every else). If he ults just run through him to avoid its damage and then you can ult safely. Report
Bait his E by hanging around in its range and making it look like an easy shot before Shunpo'ing to dodge it and ideally onto him to harass him a bit. Report
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Vel'Koz knock up is easy to dodge and has a very long cooldown, if you ever see him use it try to get on him and play it like you are going for a kill as he is very vulnerable without it. Report
If he ults, Shunpo to him, then use your Bouncing blades and continue with your combo. Be aware of that beam, if it hits you while you ult, you will faint. Also remember to dodge his incredibly powerful skillshots. Report


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