How to beat Vel'Koz
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Vel'Koz has a kit consisting of 4 skillshots making him very vulnerable to champions with dashes. Report
Vel'Koz has 4 skillshots, 2 of which are very difficult to land. Use your E to avoid Vel'Koz skillshots when amoungst minions and when engaging on him in lane, E to the minions first and save the E on him to dodge his knock up. Report
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Using your ult to get as close as possible to him will screw him over as he will have trouble landing his skillshots and his Ultimate turns slowly, too slowly to track you if you are close. Report
If Vel'Koz strays too close you should always use Q to engage instead of E so that you can save E for dodging all of his numerous skillshots. Report
Using your in lane mobility to constantly harass Vel'Koz and then retreat to avoid his counter attack. You can rely on E spam to "accidentally outplay" Vel'Koz. Report
Levels 1-5 Vel'Koz is extremely soft and very vulnerable to shadow harass, you should abuse this as much as possible rather than trying to last hit with the shadows and don't be afraid to port to them to slash him a bit personally. Report
Windwall will block Vel'Koz Q/W/E which are telegraphed and slow projectiles but it will not block his ultimate or autoattacks Report
When Vel'Koz ults, don't reactivate your E so you stay up for as long as possible to avoid the laser, it is channeled for 2.5 seconds. Report
When dueling him your Q and E are both very reliable dodging abilities against him so you can basically outplay him when you jump on him relatively easily. Just make sure you have 1 available to dodge his knock back. Report
Against a good Vel'Koz, If you ult them they will time their knock up to hit you the moment you reappear. If you are facing such a player be prepared either by having Flash ready the moment you appear or using a shadow trick. Report
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