How to beat Veigar with Syndra Click here for How to beat Syndra with Veigar
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Use your Q to farm minions quickly. If you can outfarm him and hit level 6 before Veigar, you'll have a much easier game. If you fail, the match may go on for a while. Report
use your range to outtrade him before lvl 6, try to hit lvl 6 faster by fastclearing the last wave before lvl-up and all in him, buy boots to avoid beeing hit by his E , even if he hits the stun you should get away with full boots and his stun at lvl 1 Report
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Use your huge range to your advantage! You out range Veigar by far! Your Q and E combo can stun him leaving him open to your ult. If you're having a hard time getting hear him, use your W to throw things at him and weaken/slow him! Report


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