How to beat Veigar with LeBlanc Click here for How to beat LeBlanc with Veigar
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Harass him as much as you can before he hits level 6, and ask for a very early gank : at level 1 he never gets E first so you can force a flash or even get a kill. Report
You can NOT jump away from his E without getting stunned. However, you better do it to simply negate his W's damage, it can save your life. Report
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Since 5.6 you can't use W when inside of his E : it blocks dashes. However the second cast of your W still works since it's not a dash, it's a teleportation. Report
Be the first to attack! if he gets the chance to poke you down you're useless AND if you W in he can place his cage whatever he wants but it wont affect your second W. The first W will get stunned though. Report


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