How to beat Veigar
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Veigar's stun field will only stun targets around the edge. So you can either stay inside the ring, or Flash out of it. Report
Try to avoid Dark Matter as it deals massive damage when it lands. Report
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Try to bait out the stun, without it, Veigar is a lot more vulnerable. But be wary of the burst of his Q-R combo Report
Deny him farm early or he will be very pain later on Report
Buy Merc Treads. It's really that simple. Doesn't matter if you're AP mid yourself - buy them. It prevents him from ever being able to stun you long enough to land his combo, and will litearlly render him useless. Get it relatively early, and you're s Report
An AD assassin can be deleted with Q+R+W combo. However, building Maw of Malmortius will ignore a big chunk of Veigar's burst Report
Try not to stand behind low healthed minions, as a good Veigar player will see the opportunity to both take the stack and poke you in one shot. The most efficient way to beat Veigar is to abuse his mana hunger, and avoiding giving him free poke will help. Report
Veigar is extremely mana hungry early game, and if you play aggressive and bait out his abilities he will be on low mana and have to choose between defending himself or farming with Q. Report
Veigar is extremly vulnerable to ganks as he has no mobility spell or CC except his Flash/his E which have 5 min and ~20 sec CD. Babysit/camping is amazingly efficient against him, as you'll deny him from stacking Q and therefore getting stronger late. Report
If you're playing AP against Veigar, get Zhonya's hourglass ASAP, it will counter his combo, especially his ult. Report


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