How to beat Veigar
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You will have a great opportunity against veigar. whenever he wants to stun you. just ult inside the circle so that he can't determine where to land his abilities. Then try to blink on him and pure attack him for instant kill, still you need to save HP. Report
An AD assassin can be deleted with Q+R+W combo. However, building Maw of Malmortius will ignore a big chunk of Veigar's burst Report
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use your range to outtrade him before lvl 6, try to hit lvl 6 faster by fastclearing the last wave before lvl-up and all in him, buy boots to avoid beeing hit by his E , even if he hits the stun you should get away with full boots and his stun at lvl 1 Report
Use your huge range to your advantage! You out range Veigar by far! Your Q and E combo can stun him leaving him open to your ult. If you're having a hard time getting hear him, use your W to throw things at him and weaken/slow him! Report
Try not to stand behind low healthed minions, as a good Veigar player will see the opportunity to both take the stack and poke you in one shot. The most efficient way to beat Veigar is to abuse his mana hunger, and avoiding giving him free poke will help. Report
Be the first to attack! if he gets the chance to poke you down you're useless AND if you W in he can place his cage whatever he wants but it wont affect your second W. The first W will get stunned though. Report
Run Barrier, Veigar's burst is terrifying and having the defensive summoner will keep you pretty safe from his 100-0 for the early and mid game. Report
If Veigar stuns you, you're dead. Keep poking him at max distance. If you're in low health, beware of Veigar's flash ult and ignite. Report
Veigar is extremely mana hungry early game, and if you play aggressive and bait out his abilities he will be on low mana and have to choose between defending himself or farming with Q. Report
Veigar is extremly vulnerable to ganks as he has no mobility spell or CC except his Flash/his E which have 5 min and ~20 sec CD. Babysit/camping is amazingly efficient against him, as you'll deny him from stacking Q and therefore getting stronger late. Report


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