How to beat Veigar
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Push like there is no tomorrow. Veigar has nothing to counterpush someone like Ziggs and his farming under the tower is terrible as he has a very slow autoattack. You will deny him massive amounts of gold just by pushing and throwing bombs at him. Report
You can NOT jump away from his E without getting stunned. However, you better do it to simply negate his W's damage, it can save your life. Report
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You outrange him severely, just keep him far enough so he cant use his stun. Report
If Veigar cages you, you can poke him with soldiers. But don't run into the sides of his cage! Report
Don't try use your W to jump over his stun, it won't work and you will be stunned midair. Report
Zone with e, force him on tower. be mindful of ganks because his stun is a powerful tool. Report
Since 5.6 you can't use W when inside of his E : it blocks dashes. However the second cast of your W still works since it's not a dash, it's a teleportation. Report
If you avoid his stunn you should be having free farm. Max e first like always. He will quickly kill u if u get stunned just avoid the stunn TO ALL THE VIKTOR MAINS OUT THERE Report
Orianna completely out-ranges Veigar. Dodge his dark matter and shield yourself when inside his event horizon. Just poke and get back until hes low enough to be ulted/ignited. Report
Use your Q to farm minions quickly. If you can outfarm him and hit level 6 before Veigar, you'll have a much easier game. If you fail, the match may go on for a while. Report


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