How to beat Veigar
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Because Ryze has a lot of utility he can escape Veigar's stun also Ryze builds mana not AP so he takes less damage from Veigar's ultimate plus Ryze can deny movement because of his W. Report
Abuse his early laning by landing harass on him. At 6 and later if he tries to kill you with his ultimate, you should be able to dodge it with your ultimate as they are about the same range. From that point you should be able to take him out. Report
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Riftwalk should be used in abnormal ways and angles so that Veigar cannot become used to a set pattern upon which to deploy Event Horizon during engagements. Report
Due to the fact that Viegar's wall now has a delay, it gives Zed about 10 years or so to W away from it and cut the tiny mage down. Report
Buy Merc Treads. It's really that simple. Doesn't matter if you're AP mid yourself - buy them. It prevents him from ever being able to stun you long enough to land his combo, and will litearlly render him useless. Get it relatively early, and you're s Report
a quit normal matchup for talon. just play aggressiv at lvl 3 and then farm ur way to the point u can 1 shot him. Report
Harass him as much as you can before he hits level 6, and ask for a very early gank : at level 1 he never gets E first so you can force a flash or even get a kill. Report
When you ult him, try not to move and react to where he puts his stun down. Zed's ult will panic most Veigar's who will just throw their stun down hoping for it to catch you, if u stay still while doing your combo u will avoid walking into it by acciden Report
Try to harass early on with W range. Rush Zhonya's. If you play correct, you will win mid. (Don't forget to take some pots when you back. Always try to have full hp) Report
Poke Veigar and don't let him farm, but dont forget to farm for yourself Report
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