How to beat Vayne with Caitlyn Click here for How to beat Caitlyn with Vayne
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Casting your ultimate onto Vayne before she stealths will reveal her, thus allowing your team to collapse onto her if she is trying to make an escape. Be sure you know where Vayne is in the mid and late game and keep bushes trapped or warded. Report
Keep your traps up, they are great anti mobility and even more satisfying if she ult+q's into one. Report
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It's a pretty easy lane. You can poke her every time she want to kill the minions. Use bushes to stack your passive. If you and vayne are on the same skill, you should win this lane. Report
Vayne is considered very weak relative to the base life, caitlyn can take advantage of it. Report
Abuse your power in the early game and deny her every single farm and you are just fine. She have 100 less range and should not be able to farm at all. You MUST build this advantage, because she scales way better than you in the late game. Report
You outrange Vayne and have a greater early game capacity due to this; abuse it by harassing Vayne frequently. Report


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